March 2023


Brandon hit the ground running when he joined Rowdy early in 2021, and he has not stopped since. He came to us as a company driver for our energy division and also served a stint in our OTR division. Through hard work and determination, he has become an owner/operator. Brandon is a silent, unstoppable force. We never receive complaints on him. He never has any safety or compliance violations.

Customers and co-workers alike know him to be dependable and want him on the job. Brandon is a family man, and his dedication to his loved ones shows in everything he does. We are proud to have him on our team and know how lucky we are to have him. Thanks for being you!

Rowdy Transport is happy to present to you the ROWDY ROCKSTARS OF THE MONTH. Rowdy strives to operate with safety, reliability, and integrity. Each rockstar was nominated by their supervisors for displaying qualities that live up to our vision. We want to recognize each of them for their individual contributions to the Rowdy family and to say THANK YOU for being a ROCKSTAR!