Safety at Rowdy Transportation

A 360 Degree Focus on Safety

Rowdy Transportation is committed to maintaining an excellent DOT safety rating, and we do that by creating a culture that prioritizes safety both on the road and off.

Safe Driving Begins with Safe Drivers

We’ve implemented driver protocols that help ensure we’re only putting safe drivers on the road. Rowdy uses very strict guidelines to vet our drivers and their equipment and ensure they have relevant job experience and safety certifications.

Our safety team works closely with our drivers and also our maintenance and operations teams to make certain that any safety concern or violation is addressed immediately. The safety of our Rowdy team and that of the general public takes top priority

Safe Drivers Need Safe Trucks

Rowdy Transportation is committed to ensuring every vehicle we put on the road passes a rigorous safety check.

We track every vehicle’s maintenance schedule to ensure that it gets regularly inspected by a mechanic at one of our offices.

Every truck is subjected to a rigorous inspection every 90 days to ensure it adheres to DOT safety standards.

Every Rowdy Transportation truck is inspected prior to delivery every time it goes out to ensure it’s roadworthy.

Committed to a Culture of Safety

Rowdy Transportation has built a culture of safety. Our newest driver and our senior management team all share a single goal: safe driving and safe deliveries, no matter what we’re hauling.