Frac Sand & Aggregate Transportation from Rowdy Resources

Rowdy Resources is a familiar face in the energy industry.

Our group of seasoned professionals knows the ins and outs of oilfield deliveries, is familiar with the stringent safety requirements of the industry, and knows how to get the job done.

If you’re looking for a reliable delivery partner for your oil and gas operation, contact the Rowdy Resources sales team to learn what we offer and how we can help.

We’re Frac Sand Delivery & Logistics Specialists

Rowdy Resources is our dedicated energy division, specializing in the delivery of sand used for fracking.

The final leg of frac sand delivery, the last mile, is the most complex and crucial piece of the proppant supply chain. Rowdy Resources specializes in the last mile.

We deliver proppant in a variety of trailers including pneumatics, hoppers, and belly dumps, using our experience, knowledge, and trained personnel to help our customers safely and efficiently complete the process.

Rowdy Resources includes a 24/7 dispatch team available to help you negotiate your frac sand deliveries.


Fracking is a well-understood process. Each year, the demand for frac sand increases because operations are implementing longer lateral drilling lengths and using increased sand per linear foot.

Currently, the hydraulic fracturing of a typical Permian well with a 10k ft horizontally drilled lateral requires about 12.5k tons of frac sand, which is enough sand to fill more than 500 large sand trucks.

This frac sand needs to be delivered, offloaded, stored, and set for blending and use. If it’s not, completion and production will be delayed. The fracking process may be entirely shut down.

Rowdy Resources understands how important reliable access to frac sand is.

We help our customers, focusing on minimizing downtime and maximizing the speed at which sand is transferred from truck to storage. We strive for lower blend times to reduce overall congestion and increase throughput as much as possible.

We also offer equipment leasing. Rowdy Resources provides comprehensive solutions for our equipment rental just as much as we do for our transport services.

As such, we lease a variety of trailer types.

Bulk Hauling from Rowdy Resources

Rowdy Resources has recently expanded its offerings.

We now offer lightweight aggregate and other mineral transportation throughout our service area. Bulk materials include:

  • Injection lime
  • Bulk carbon
  • Injection carbon
  • Moulding plaster
  • Asphalt aggregate
  • Road base
  • And more

Rowdy Resources uses our fleet of end dump, regular pneumatic, and bulk pneumatic trailers to haul aggregates wherever our clients need.

As with all Rowdy services, you can expect to coordinate with a team that’s committed to simple, effective, and on-time deliveries of bulk materials and aggregate.

Safety at Rowdy Resources

The Rowdy Family is committed to providing our clients with safety-focused drivers. Our in-house DOT compliance program ensures that we’re able to provide safe drivers and safe vehicles for your fracking operation.

We focus on safety without sacrificing efficiency. We stage sand quickly and safely.

With our pneumatic and bottom drop frac sand delivery, all of our drivers are trained for proper loading and dispensing as well as on-site troubleshooting to mitigate any risks during the delivery of sand–all without compromising on delivery speed.